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True freedom press

True Freedom Press is a unique publishing company that offers editing, design, and writing services and is an alternative press for creative and daring individuals who think freely and aren’t afraid to challenge established narratives of the day.

It is important to note that each of the services we offer may vary in price depending on the needs of each client. Prices can be discussed after an initial free quote is provided. All writing and editing services adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Book Creation, Editing, and Writing Services

Our press offers opportunities for authors who are looking for a press that will stand by their work and provide them with a variety of editorial, artistic, and publishing services. All prices are negotiable, especially if part of a larger package. Please send an inquiry to see if you are interested in publishing and/or using our other services.


In this last step of editing, we look at each character of a text to see if there are any typos or grammatical mistakes.

Copy Editing

This is recommended for non-fiction authors and ensures there is technical consistency.

Line Editing

Consistency would be maintained throughout the manuscript. Proper syntax checking of the manuscript.

Book Creation

We will create a marketable, professional, and attractive cover for your book.

Writing Services

We possess the information, experience, and writing prowess necessary to produce a book that will be hard for readers to put down.

Other Services

The preparation of files, print-on-demand, brainstorming, creating an index, and other services are available.

Best Sellers

  • Sale!

    On the Origin of Consciousness


    An Exploration through the Lens of the Christian Conception of God and Creation

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  • Sale!

    COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion


    Examining the Machinations of Governments, Health Organizations, the Globalist Elites, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the Legacy Media

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  • Beacons of Hope


    A Thorough Investigation into the Morality and Intelligence of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland

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  • Sale!

    The Safe Bet


    A Brilliant Campaign and Forty-Seven Years of Unparalleled Dedication to the American People

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Free Quote

If you have any queries or would like more details regarding the services we offer, please get in touch with us.
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