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The crucial final step in the editing process—and the last check before publication—is proofreading. While line editing and copy editing can significantly alter the language of the document (such as fixing inconsistent spelling or hyphenations), a proofreader’s job is largely about quality control. Editing, rewriting, or deleting should not be done during the proofreading process. The proofreader will look for capitalization mistakes, misspellings, punctuation faults, verb tenses, and a variety of other grammar mistakes.

Spelling and punctuation check

This involves detecting and removing a wide range of spelling and punctuation errors, including typos, minor punctuation problems, and misuse of words with similar spelling.

Grammar check

This step makes sure that all grammar mistakes are fixed, such as when the subject and verb don't match up, when the preposition is wrong, or when the verb tense is wrong.

Character-by-character final review

The final pair of eyes to review an author's submission is one of our proofreaders. Numerous writers decide to have their books edited several times, and each round of editing can prove to be very valuable.

Spelling and punctuation check

Estimated timelines may vary depending on the work. This is something that can be discussed further depending on the client’s needs.

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