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Line Editing

This is ideal for first-time authors, and it is a popular choice for most authors to ensure that the contents are of high quality.

Each line of your manuscript is edited stylistically

Thorough structural edit

Once the manuscript is complete, a thorough structural edit will involve determining what changes are necessary to add to the overall central theme of the book. A structural edit is the process that comes first after a manuscript is completed. It requires looking at the "big picture" of the text and determining which components are working and which ones could be changed, cut, or improved upon.

Ensure that sentences and paragraphs flow from one to the other

Word choice and syntax review

Copy editing looks at how a writer chooses his or her words and how they fit into the structure and meaning of a sentence. Once the story's structure is set, our editors carefully go over the words that have been chosen. This is done with a focus on making sure the syntax is correct. This step involves checking other parts of the manuscript, such as sentence structure, transitions, parallelism, sentence variety, and conciseness.

Consistency and fluidity

Consistency would be maintained throughout the manuscript. Proper syntax checking of the manuscript, including transitions, sentence variety, sentence structure, and conciseness. Your voice and tone will be maintained throughout the manuscript.

Editorial comments

The editor will provide notes and comments to assist the author in understanding the recommendation and the edits that have been made.

Footnote editing

Basic proofreading will be performed on footnotes and edits to ensure adherence to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Basic proofreading

Works of fiction

Works of fiction may require some alternative methods and additional layers of editing. For books of fiction, this would involve a review of the plot and pace, a review of character development, enhancing the writing flow, and transitional elements from paragraph to paragraph.

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